How to earn money online for FREE

The big question and one of the most difficult answers to answer. Are there tricks to make money online for free ? How can I make money online? How much money?

Google Adsense (add banners to your website), is the WORST way to monetize a website or blog. It is very easy to add banners to a website, but, or you have a very niche blog focused on transactional (shopping) searches, you know very well what you do and you get millions of visits, or the only thing you are going to get are a few cents Euro or dollar per month after thousands of hours of work.

When you throw in the towel and say that you ca n’t make money online, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I’ve been online since 1999 looking for ways to make money easy, fast and free online . At that time I created my first website with a classmate in the last year of high school.

How to earn money online for FREE
How to earn money online for FREE

Since then I have not stopped looking for formulas to earn free money and try to live off it someday.

I can finally say that I have succeeded, but I have to tell you two things:

  • First , it has not been free (time is money and I have also invested money in courses, advertising …).
  • Second , it has been at the expense of dedicating thousands of hours to my passion for evenings and weekends. And to work for many companies before where I acquired the necessary knowledge.

If what you want is to earn enough money to live on the Internet with your own means and without bosses or schedules, the road is very difficult .

You must follow these 3 simple steps to generate much more income each month:

  1. The secret to making money , as silly and simple as it may seem, is to enter more than what you spend and for this it is necessary to detect all expenses (large or small) month by month to cut or reduce them as soon as possible.
  2. Then comes the search for opportunities to generate income with current resources.
  3. And finally open to new business opportunities.

Know what to do to generate income on the Internet

Knowing what to do to earn money , how and with whom to associate you can get an extra salary per month depending only on yourself.

Of course, here I will not explain any pyramid process that you will see on the Internet with advertising and spamming.

I will explain a way to earn some money by spending a lot of time and work .

On the Internet as in real life there is no magic.

Some will say that this is not free .

Indeed, the time spent is not free but it is the ” only ” thing you will have to pay to earn money with these techniques.

If you want to make money online you should treat it as a business

The formula to make money online

The formula is simple, create a blog and generate income with advertising , affiliates, selling products (books and courses) and offering services (consulting).

The method to make money online

  1. The first thing you need is to have an idea to create a blog or web . It must be something that you are passionate about and what you have knowledge of. Create something that you would like to visit every day and on a single topic. Nothing to talk about your hobbies or about varied topics. Talk about android phones or running shoes. The more niche the better.
  1. Once the idea is found you must create a web / blog . For starters you can use but if you want to make real money you will need to invest in a domain with a good hosting such as Webempresa or Siteground so that everything goes fast, you have 24h support, you have backup copies, you can make the changes you want . And most importantly, the content is yours. Of course, if your knowledge of the Internet is very small it is better to seek advice or a WordPress course before doing anything. Remember that the Internet must also be your passion .
  2. Now start creating unique content and use SEO techniques to position yourself well in Google. Create videos and put images and attractive photos ( Flickr or Pixabay you have royalty-free photos). Promote content with social networks. Read the book Triunfa on Twitter . Create a subscriber list.
  3. After a few months creating quality content every week on your blog, you start to have many visits, more than 500 a day. It’s time to look for ways to make your work profitable on the blog . This is the hardest part and it will take you more time. This is where frustration can end your illusion . After many years looking for a suitable formula I can tell you what works for me and what doesn’t. Do not use Google Adsense (advertising banners) or affiliate pages with multilevel ( Amazon affiliate system only , eBayand some specific service such as hosting or course work if your website is very niche and if it is done well with email marketing and specific posts), or pages that pay for clicks, or intrusive advertising (popups or banners), or download pages that They trick you to subscribe your phone number. You will not get anything with them. Google also hates these systems.
  4. Search for companies related to the theme of your blog and offer them to create articles talking about their products (look for sponsored post platforms). Search competing websites and see what they advertise or what sponsored posts they have. Pages like Earning money with Coobis , Socialpubli , Seedingup (formerly Teliad) , Publisuites or Twync can help you in the process.
  5. Also add video ads to your blog with GoViral or eBuzzing . To get € 300 / month you need about 5,000 visits a day. You can also look for funding on Crowdfunding platforms such as
  6. Create a course by recording the screen of your computer to do tutorials , offer services and write books to sell them on your blog (with a defined strategy and knowing sales techniques . It is not worth putting up banners and that’s it. Read the book Influence of Robert Cialdini ) or on Amazon ( I have several books published that give me some passive income every month) using email marketing. I recommend you read ” Triumph with your Ebook “, ” How to live publishing ebooks on Amazon ” and ” Write books on Amazon to sell them in a bad business?


How to make fast and free cash

In this article, you will learn how to make a mooring of free, quick and effective home love. This mooring has been proven to work instantaneously for beginners in love. This spell is free and works when used correctly and with the correct intentions. Nothing provokes strong emotions like a promise of love. It is easy to see why love is that beautiful feeling that many people find difficult to explain in non-specific terms.

Well, in a moment of life, it is almost inevitable that we all find ourselves trapped in a deep and sincere affection towards others. However real they may be, the open and hidden desires of love and attraction are not always mutual or even. For some, it could be quick and easy to find, while for others it could be difficult to find for a long time.

But would not it be great if we all had our heart’s desire to see the light of day? Would not it be great if our dreams of love become a reality for life? And would not it be satisfying if we had some magical Cashogame way to channel our love lives when what has been shining is slowly fading away?

Regardless of your situation, in the pursuit of love, you can always improve your chances or strengthen your love intentions. Finding homemade, free love spells that work quickly could be the perfect first step to a new level of romance. Well, for a fairly significant number of people, love ties do not appear even remotely in your imagination. But here is the deal, is not it satisfying if there is that special power that helps you channel the love wishes of another person to you quickly and free? Certainly, the answer is yes.

There are many free love spells that produce results and are useful when used in the right circumstances. If you want to meet an ex, find a new lover or you need to recover that attention that is fading away. They can help bring or return happiness to your life. You can read more here about vindale research to make huge money with it.

It is essential that you have the right requirements, to ensure timely practice, follow the guidelines correctly and, most importantly, devote the right energy to the time that highlights the specific intentions. In this article, you will find a simple but powerful love spell, especially suitable for beginners who want to test their hearts in the sweet waters of spell casting. This spell has been proven and is proven to be effective and will help you to affirm your intentions without demanding much.

Easy, strong and effective homemade moorings for beginners

Do you want someone special to enter your life? If so, this could be the perfect answer. This Mooring of love is very simple but very effective for your wishes to materialize. By practicing this, you no longer have to live in emotional loneliness. By having the right mood and directing your energy to the desired path, your dreamed love can come true.

How to do it:

For this to work properly, you will need six candles of any color and proceed as follows: Relax for 30 minutes while meditating. Clear any thoughts and focus your mind. Light 5 candles and leave one off to use later. Start praying to the moon reciting the following song:

” Dear moon that shines beautifully in the night, I beg you with all my strength. I ask you to grant me the love of (name of the person) and never leave me . 

Repeat this for three consecutive nights. Repetition helps you build up momentum and energy in the spell. In the morning after getting up, meditate for 30 minutes clearing your mind. Then have your favorite music or meditation audio. Visualize your desire for love as intensely as if it had happened and light candle six and place it in a corner of your room.

Let the feeling of thanksgiving and happiness overwhelm you. On the third morning, spend 3 hours imagining that your dreams come true, followed by an hour of meditation.

Tips to guarantee the best results

  • Be sure to perform this spell during the full moon.
  • The first part should be done just before going to bed.